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Working Together


Please reflect on our Mission, Core Values, Policies, and Code of Conduct while taking part in NAPA programs. We strive to make every child and adult feel like they are in a safe place to let their talents flow.



The Holly Chin Natick Academy of Performing Arts harnesses the transformational power of the performing arts

to unite and inspire Natick and surrounding communities by providing a safe and accepting home for aspiring

artists of all ages.


Our core values represent our highest aspirations and our deepest beliefs; they inform our decisions and animate

our daily actions. We hope that all of our stakeholders–staff, performers, parents, volunteers, audience members,

and supporters–both experience and model these values as we strive to live out our mission.


Our community is welcoming and open to performers in all their diversity. NAPA will offer a safe and supportive

space to performers of all races, genders, religion, sexual orientations, body types and abilities.


Our community is a place where performers feel connected and cared for.


We believe that every performer has infinite potential that can be achieved with a powerful mix of support,

guidance and effort.


Our approach to the performing arts includes a focus on commitment, discipline, and rigor. When we work hard,

we grow as individual performers and put on great performances that leave audiences feeling moved. Both cast and crew can feel proud of what we have accomplished together.


The performing arts are FUN! We enjoy the journey even as we strive to do our best and perform with


Code of Conduct


Anyone is welcome to audition, based on the proper age group, but will require to sign up and register ahead of time. A student should never assume his/ her/ their role in a production prior to the cast list being posted. All roles are open to everyone. NAPA has an all are welcome policy. There are no limits based on gender, race, size or any other outer appearances. 


  1. All rehearsals, auditions and tech nights are closed and for students only. Students and staff can be easily distracted and interrupted by guests. Please remain outside until pick up. Students also enjoy the element of surprise with their family and want their show to be featured first on stage- not in rehearsals. 

  2.  Be on time to rehearsal. If you are going to be late or absent, please contact the director. Text phone or email is acceptable. 

  3. If your child is being picked up by other friends or family, please tell them to let us know.

  4. Tuition is due in full before the first rehearsal date. If assistance is needed, please contact the director.

  5. If you do not wish to have your child in any online or promo photos, please indicate at the bottom of the form.

  6. Only parent volunteers will be allowed in rehearsal space. This is by sign up and approved by the theater director only. 

  7. Covid 19 regulations will be followed at NAPA based on the recommendations from the State of Massachusetts or Natick Board of Health. We remain a mask friendly theater company. Students will always have the choice on or off stage to wear or not wear a mask, so long as it coincides with BOH policies. 

  8. Students will be asked and encouraged to practice at home as well as in studio. The work doesn’t stop here. They need to be practicing their music, line memorization and choreography outside of rehearsals. 

  9. Please be responsible for your own belongings. Although there is a lost and found, there is no guarantee your items and belongings will be returned there if lost or misplaced.

  10. Costumes will be distributed throughout the production. These items are your responsibility and need to be kept clean and returned to us at the end of the production. 

  11. Tech week is mandatory for the entire cast. Schedule shall be communicated upon the approved performance dates from the venue location.



  1. Students will present themselves in a polite and respectful way. From stage to community. Students are expected to represent our theater family with class and respect. 

  2. Zero tolerance for bullying. If a student is caught being blatantly disrespectful to another student, be it taunting, teasing, gossiping or being abusive emotionally or physically, it will be grounds for immediate termination and dismissal from the program. 

  3. Casting decisions are based on the production team. Casting decisions are final and not open for discussion. 

  4. Students shall encourage, support and nurture a creative and safe environment for their respective peers and theater coaches. 

  5. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the action taken at the discretion of the board. This could mean termination from the program. (examples include: alcohol consumption, smoking, vaping, inappropriate social media) Students shall not, regardless of quantity, use/consume/possess/buy/sell/give away any beverage containing alcohol, any tobacco product, marajuana, or any controlled substance.

  6. No videotaping or photos taken by students or parents- unless approved by the production team or are for purposes of reference for the show and cast.

Please note that if these terms are not met by parents and students, NAPA reserves the right to terminate student enrollment for current and future shows, productions and programs run by the NAPA team. By registering and allowing your child to participate in any show, you are agreeing to all of the above.


Natick Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) is a non-profit focusing on beginner to intermediate acting and singing for adults and children. Through musicals, acting workshops, voice exercises, and movement, NAPA caters to individual strengths to spotlight each performer's talents and stretch potential.

"The stage offers a transformational gift. It enhances,

opens your mind, embraces and even dares you.

Every performer should have an opportunity to be

on the receiving end of that. The stage truly belongs to you!" 

- Natick Academy of Performing Arts

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