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Typically, we hold auditions about one month prior to rehearsals starting. Our auditions for student actors are usually group-style format. Each audition notice will detail the specifics of who we are looking for, what the actor will do (e.g. sing, dance, monologues, etc.) and how to schedule an audition. All auditions are by appointment only. A request must be filled out for each student, individually. Space is limited for each show. We will notify you once capacity has been reached and if you have been added to the waitlist.

For SCHOOL VACATION PROGRAMS, registration is all that is needed to secure your spot. Auditions will be done only to determine who is the best fit for which role(s).


This helps us understand the best way to address you or your child.

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Thank you for submitting an audition request. ​We will get back to you soon with an audition notice detailing dates and times.

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