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All NAPA program registrations include a non-refundable deposit as part of their registration, unless otherwise noted in the individual program details.  Program registration is not guaranteed until the deposit is received. Some programs may require payment in full at the time of registration, as indicated in the program details. 


Registration Cancellations

There will be no refund of your deposit.  If you choose to cancel your registration prior to auditions you will not be charged for the remaining tuition, however your deposit will be lost. 


Deposits are non-transferrable from program to program or participant to participant, so if you cancel out completely from one program, you cannot use that deposit towards another program or a different participant. 


Final balances are due at the time of auditions, unless otherwise noted in the individual program details.  After auditions, we will only be able to do a refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) if we are able to fill the space. 


Please email if you need to cancel.


Program Cancellations

If NAPA cancels a program completely, we will do a full refund for that program.  If part of a program is canceled due to extreme weather, we will try to offer a make-up class for that program.  If a make-up is not possible we will do a check refund for the canceled day.  If a program runs or is rescheduled, refunds will not be issued for that day.


Missed Days of a Program

We understand that people have a lot of commitments and can’t always make each day of a program.  Please understand that we still have to pay instructors, building fees, order supplies, etc for our programs so we do not pro-rate, refund or credit programs for days that you miss. 


Serious Illness or Injury

In some situations we may be able to issue a refund for remaining days of a program if you are unable to attend because of a serious illness or injury and written medical verification from your physician is received within 7 days.  Please contact right away if you encounter a medical issue that prevents the participant from completing a program. Refunds will not be given for multi week programs if you simply need to miss one or two weeks of the program. 


Inappropriate Behavior

If a person is dismissed from a program because of inappropriate or aggressive behavior, no refund will be issued.

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